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About Solis

Solis Consulting, Solar Panels

Solis Consulting, LLC is an elite group of experienced, highly trained, and vetted independent solar consultants/brokers.  We see solar differently and broke away from the traditional ‘cookie cutter’ limitations.  Ethics and loyalty to relationships are our sole priority in providing the absolute best value and the perfect customer experience.

NEW: American Made Panels (option)

NEW: Pearl Certifications

(Guaranteed Increased Home Value)

NEW: Additional Local Install Companies Added to Portfolio of Options

NEW: Promotions

(Enter to Win 1 Free Year of Electrical Costs Covered by Solis)

What To Expect

  • Solis DETAILS MATTER when it comes to custom Solar project! 

  • Advanced technology that calculates your Roof Pitch, Azimuth, Obstructions, Annual Electric Consumption, and LIDAR Sensory Imagery provides exact production and savings models.

    • Every design is unique, and we provide you with the full Aerial Sun/Shade Analysis, with written guarantees!

  • In depth Financial Analysis, Investment opportunities, Potential Profits, ROI's, etc.

    • Solar doesn't just save you money, it can add value and financial capital for generational wealth.​

Solis Consulting LLC prides itself on under promising and over-delivering! 

Solis has 1 simple policy... it MUST financially benefit you or we will not accept the project.

How Detailed Are The Designs?


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Can I Afford Solar?

ABSOLUTELY! We Have Customizable Options


At Solis, we consider ourselves the "NAVY SEALS" of Solar. Our Consultants undergo a rigorous training program, ethics aptitude testing, and must all be current with solar industry standards.


We specialize our knowledge in photovoltaic panels, inverters, net metering, financing, return on investment (ROI), solar renewable energy credits, roofing/structural stability qualifications, and federal tax credits. 

As Independent Solar Consultants, we partner with top EPC’s (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction) Companies ONLY with the highest quality Photovoltaic (Solar) installations.  Our EPC's are thoroughly vetted and must adhere to our high standards.


Solis Consulting works in different niche markets providing homeowners options versus the traditional solar buying process. This allows us to SHOP FOR YOU to find the ABSOLUTE BEST PRICE!

Solis Believes in Paying it Forward


Solis is soon rolling out a “Solar Scholarship Program” and a “Solar Holiday Giveaway.”

                                   Check Back for Entry Details

Buy Solar Panels, Save Money, Solar, Consultant, Cheapest Solar

Available Opportunities:

  • Educational Seminars

    • Public & Private

  • Fundraising Opportunities

    • Many Organizations such as Churches, Sports Teams, and 4-H Clubs

  • Shadow A Solar Consultant To Learn How To

    • Design Solar Systems

    • Compare Utility Bills vs Solar Savings

    • Learn About Solar Financial Benefits

    • How Solar Saves Our Environment​

  • Participant In Educational Events

    • ​We Speak Fluent Solar and Let Us Teach You!​​

  • Question & Answer Sessions

    • One-On-One

    • Group

    • Invite The Whole Community

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