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Solis Consultants

Committed to Community and Excellence


Shannon Holtzinger

Founder & CEO

Attention to detail and designing over 3,000 custom solar systems to date has allowed Shannon to excel at exceeding client's expectations.  Project Management and Communication Coordination is her strong suit.

Her highly technical photovoltaic knowledge and her solar financial consultative approach goes above and beyond the typical solar savings portfolios.


    Vicky Smith

    Chief Technical Director - Chief Information Officer

    Vicky's extensive education and experience in science & biology has made her transition from Educator to Photovoltaics Professional, seamless.

    Her passion for helping families and her love for meeting every possible pet in Pennsylvania makes every consultation fun and beneficial for everyone.

    Vicky's advanced comprehension and working relationship with Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia utilities aids in excellent partnerships between clients and all of Solis's EPC partnerships.

    Vicky is the strength behind Solis's PCX (Perfect Customer Experience) as she personally sets up the majority of all SREC accounts for Solis clients.

    This excelled, hands on attention to details, puts Solis months ahead of most competitors in earning Solar Profits asap for Solis's clients.


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    Joshua Gonzalez

    Certified & Licensed Sr. Solar Consultant - Drone Photographer

    Josh's calm and easy-going disposition is favored among clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  His no pressure, full electrical and solar analysis comparisons, make it fun and enjoyable for all clients. A father to 3 fantastic children drives Josh to be a Leader in his community.  Setting the example for the next generation.

    Solis accredits Josh for the majority of all amazing drone shots and footage.  Josh aligns his consultation availability to accompany homeowner's busy schedules.  His style and approach is always "Client 1st".


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    Amy Morse

    Solar Consultant - Renewable Advocate - Artist

    Amy is a vibrant, loving, and compassionate solar consultant.  Her artistic eye gives her the advantage in picturing comprehensive solar designs even before the true preliminary design has been completed.  Her unique style and appreciation for beauty in all aspects, makes Solis stretch itself outside the box to look for ways to tie in modernized advancements and beauty into every custom project we work on.


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    Daren's pic.jpg

    Daren Ernfield

    Solar Client - turned - Solar Consultant

    Daren has the unique and genuine experience of what it is like - from start to finish - to switch to solar power with Solis Consulting.  His family made the switch to solar in late winter 2022, with their custom install completing in spring of 2023.  Daren has always had the heart and passion to serve his community.  Adjusting to a solar career was a way to elevate his impact and involvement to make an enhanced positive difference.


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